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So, you want to learn pole dancing online, but aren’t sure where to start? Online pole dancing lessons are ideal if you don’t have anywhere local offering pole fitness lessons. Or, you may lack the self-confidence to attend classes and would prefer to learn in a more private environmentl. You don't need any previous fitness, strength or flexibility to start. We design our Beginners course for absolute beginners with no prior experience. We not only offer pole dancing classes, but conditioning, contortion, pole choreography & handstands.

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Benefits of Online Learning Pole Dance:

Why choose online training

  • You will spend less money on training. The cost of online training is much cheaper than the cost of training in the studio
  • It’s a very most convenient way to learn pole dancing at your own pace. If you have a busy lifestyle, job, or family then it can be hard to find the time to commit to pole dancing classes. By choosing to learn pole dancing online, you can do so in your own time.

  • You can take as much time as you want to practice and review moves. If you’re in a class, you may not have enough time to spend practicing a particular move as the instructor may have a lesson plan to stick to. By learning pole dancing online, you can pause and rewind as much as you want!

Why are online lessons better?

Pole Dance

Our training programs help you spend more time learning, and less time deciding what to learn. Training programs designed so you can maintain a balanced schedule, and search options to help you find what you are looking for.

Depending on your style, your unique way of self-expression, you can think about Pole Dance as a dance, as a performance art or as a sport. We can help you to reach your goal, whatever it is; i.e. losing weight, reducing body fat, building strength, toning muscle, improving coordination, becoming a performer, having fun, finding a friendly community.

About video tutorials

No more second-guessing the instructor because of poor video quality! All videos lessons are professionally shot in high definition and allow HD playback so that it’s easy for you to follow along and learn the moves and routines.

We have video lessons for every level , whether you’re just starting out, or have years of dance experience. We have tutorials that focus on everything from sexy lap dance routines to specific conditioning workouts for professional dancers.

Every online lesson is taught with a focus on learning, giving complete breakdowns of how to perform each move for maximum results.

You can make payment every day at any time.

Pole Dance Training

Why choose online pole dance training

Spend less time trying to figure out moves. We’ve done it for you. Just follow along.

You’ll see a difference in your performance and body awareness in just 15 days.

Achieve maximum results by learning from our Champion Pro Pole Athletes & Artists.

Progress through beginners, and advanced levels.

Boost your confidence by increasing your success rate using our step-by-step training.

Our video tutorials are very clear and detailed.

Does pole dancing make your bum bigger?

Pole dancing has a lot of benefits, it boosts your confidence, makes you flexible, it is a fantastic cardio work out, and it tones your body. Your arms, legs and butt become more toned as a result of proper pole dancing

Pole Dance online - Rates

Program selection, course cost

Training Level: Beginners


42 video lessons V
You will dance on a pole V
You will earn more V

49,99 USD

Training Level: Dancers


24 video lessons V
We will teach the secrets of dance V
You will greatly improve your experience. V

59,99 USD